Explainable Neural Claim Verification Using Rationalization

A novel explainable claim verfication system using NLP and generative language models.

🏆 Graduate Student Research Excellence Award

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DeepAg: Deep Learning for Precision Agriculture

Leverages Deep Learning to measure the effects of outlier events when predicting multivariate relationships in the precision agriculture ecosystem.

🏆 Published at AAAI 2021 Fall Symposium Series and IEEE SSCI 2021 Conference

AAAI Paper

Applications of Machine Learning For Precision Agriculture and Smart Farming

Application of various Machine Learning methods and techniques to improve precision agriculture processes and systems.

🏆 Published at the 34th International FLAIRS Conference 2021

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Transfer Learning for Satellite Imagery Road Quality Prediction

Utilized CNNs and Transfer Learning to build machine learning models that predicted road quality from high-resolution satellite imagery data.

🏆 Research with William & Mary GeoLab Fellowship

American Sign Language Recognition Architecture

Developed a novel multi-stream activity recognition model that uses sequential video data, generative depth, and motion to recognize sign language.

🏆 Published at 2019 IEEE Massachusetts Institute of Technology URTC Conference.

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