JavaScript, Python, Chrome Extension

Automatically detects individuals speaking time in meetings.

🏆 Most Impactful Hack - Stanford TreeHacks 2022


React Native, OpenAI GPT-3, Microsoft Azure

Leverages Augmented Reality and Machine Learning to enhance educational experiences for students with learning disabilities.

🏆 Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finalist Top 3 Education


Swift, ExpressJS, Google Cloud Vision & Speech

Gamifies habit tracking with social accountability.

🏆 Most Impactful Data-Driven Hack - Virginia Tech HackViolet 2021


Swift, ExpressJS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

Synchronized fitness app that motivates you to be more active and build deeper connections with your friends.

🏆 Best Use of Google Cloud - University of Waterloo HackTheNorth 2021


Flask, React, OpenAI GPT-3, Google Cloud

Learn anything from the world's most influential figures like Steve Jobs, Richard Feynman, Elon Musk and more.


Swift, Android, Google Cloud

BLE contact tracing platform that sends real-time COVID-19 exposure alerts. Open-sourced on GitHub.

🏆 One of the world's first open-source Contact Tracing applications for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Swift, Azure Cloud, Oracle Cloud

An interactive and seamless way to perceive content for individuals with learning disabilities using AR.

🏆 Microsoft Azure Hack for Social Good Prize - Stanford University TreeHacks 2020


Swift, SwiftUI, Firebase

Gamifies goals through social accountability and incentives.

🏆 Cisco Best Health Hack, WillowTree Best Mobile Hack and Most Creative UI - VT HackViolet 2020


Flask, Arduino, Microsoft Azure

Supply chain management platform to prevent food waste with IoT smart containers and Machine Learning.

🏆 Best IBM Disaster Preparedness & Relief Solutions - Massachusetts Institute of Technology HackMIT 2019.


Express, MongoDB, Google Cloud

A safe, reliable and affordable ride-sharing platform designed for college students at Virginia Tech.

🏆 Top 8 Startups Finalist at Virginia Tech 2020 Entrepreneurship Challenge


ElectronJS, Python

Discover lost fonts. Allows designers to easily search throught their custom installed Windows fonts.


Bash Script, Bitbar

A macOS menu bar productivity tool that displays various Life progress bars.


Solidity, Ethereum Truffle, React

A microfinance platform for individuals in emerging economies using Ethereum blockchain.


Kotlin, Java APDU, Sketch

A frictionless method to transfer payments to charities using NFC that also generates a tax receipt.

🏆 Best UI/UX Hack and Capital One Best Financial Hack - University of Pennsylvania PennApps 2019

🏆 PayPal Best Social Good Hack - Bitcamp 2019


JavaScript, HTML, CSS

One button click to log out of all your online accounts. No installations or downloads required.


React, Firebase, Node, CSS

A minimal blog space to write and save journal entries.


Python, Ark SDK, Bootstrap

Transparent and efficient microfinance payment platform using Ark blockchain.

🏆 Capital One Best Financial Hack and Ark Blockchain Hack - Princeton University HackPrinceton 2018

Air Mix

Python, LeapMotion Sensor, Flask

Augmented reality music app that uses hand movements and gestures to DJ. Open-sourced.

🏆 Second Place Best Software Hack - George Mason University PatriotHacks 2018

Equality Chain

Ethereum SDK, Solidity, Bootstrap

Blockchain payment platform for underdeveloped nations using Ethereum Smart Contracts.


Firebase, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

A place to store and anonymously share bite-sized profound thoughts.

Tap Tap

Java, Android Studio

A simple, but an addicting game that allows players to compete for who can tap the most in one minute.


JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Classic arcade pong game with increasing difficulty in each subsequent round.